Saturday, 17 March 2012

More Posts coming up!

Dear readers, there will be more posts coming up. Taking a short rest in progress~ Will be updating about the last few days in India in the following post.

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Monday, 12 March 2012

Day 6: Sports Day & Lunch at Sonu Mdm's House

Today, we had a Sports event in Step By Step School. Parents of pupils and pupils who came to Singapore Chaoyang School in 2011 were present as well. We took part in 3 different events, the kick cricket, ball game, and soccer. After that, we had pizza and juice for snack time. Then, we were given medals for our enthusiastic participation. We had a good time and felt proud of ourselves.

Then, we left school for Sonu Mdm's house for lunch. We started with  delicious popcorn and lotus stem. Then, we had, rice, noodles, and soup. We were watching the movie Ra-one when the song Chamak Chalo played. Jasper and Ming Hui started to groove to the music~~

Then, we went shopping, had dinner at KFC, and went home!

Till we post again! =)

Day 5: Delhi Tour

Woohoo! Today is an outing day!  Our first stop was Qutub Minar. A few teachers from Step By Step school also went with us to explain the history of the tower and ruins there. There was a very tall tower, with different design at each level. There were also some ancient ruins, and an iron rod, that has not rusted since more than 2000 years ago! Here are some of the pictures we took.

Iron that did not rust for more than 2000 years

Next, we went to a nice huge grass patch to relax and colour the pictures in the lovely booklet prepared by teachers from Step By Step School. We felt so cool and relaxed as you can see from our faces! :P

Group photo before we leave for lunch
Then, we proceeded for lunch at McDonald's, which is near the parliament house area. As the bus was not able to stop near the McDonald's, we had to drop off at a distance away and walk through the crowd to the McDonald's. We held each other's hands tightly! Each one of us held on to one teacher's hand. We made our way through, walked close together, just like how we were in Little India! It was a truly exciting experiencefor all of us, including the staff!

At McDonald's

The Delhi tour continued on our bus journey home. We saw the Presidential House, Central Railway Station, India Gate, and the Central Bank.

That marked the end of Day 5. More to come~~ :)

Day 4: Special Assembly & Hangout

Today, we went to school prepared to put up our dance performance for the Special Assembly. During the assembly, we were formally introduced to the school. The choir group sang a warm welcome friendship song for us! How sweet! Mdm Aslinah, Mrs Nair, and Mrs Rajesh went up the stage to give a thank you speech as well. All staff and students also received welcome gifts from Step By Step School. 

Saying our pledge in classroom

Singing our National Anthem in classroom

Mdm Aslinah giving a thank you speech
Following that, we performed a dance for the school! It is videoed, but the file size is too big to upload here. It will be shown when we are back in Singapore. We received loud applause and cheering! The crowd also stood up to applaud our performance after we finished the dance! WOW! It was a great experience! 


Then, after school ended, we went to a place called Hangout. The host put in SO MUCH effort in printing a poster specially to welcome us, and arranging special activities for us. We had so much fun! 

Lovely poster welcomed us into the place!

Not forgetting beautiful balloon decorations!

They even had mascots perform a dance for us!

When it was time to go, we asked the teachers if we could go back again some other time. We would love to go there again!

We dragged our feet as we left the place and went home........ :)