Sunday, 15 April 2012

Goodbye India~~Back to Singapore~~

Today was the day we had to say goodbye to India. Much as we missed the place, we were glad that we could bring back many happy memories, that we can share with our friends and families. We took a few photos in the airport, aeroplane, as well as back in Singapore airport. Enjoy~

Amirah, Atiqah, and Jasmine on the buggy ride in the airport
Murial and Ms Ng on the buggy ride

Syafiq on the buggy ride
Parvisha, Pinky Mdm, Christel, And Arnold~

On the plane~~

All of us in our colourful kurtas in Changi Airport
So, this marks the end of our India Exchange Programme 2012. 

Thank you SPARKZ, Step-by-Step School, parents and staff for making all these so enriching for each and everyone of us. 

From the bottom of our heart............

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Day 7 (Part 2): Tea Party at Mrs Analjit Singh's House =D

We dressed up in our kurtas and got ready to set off to Mrs Analjit Singh's house for a tea party specially organised for us. When we reached the house, we were pleasantly surprised by the huge beautiful house with greenery that were so soothing to the eyes! The place was decorated with pink and yellow balloons! In the centre was an empty table, which made us wonder what was in stall for us~~~

To our surprise again, there was a magic show! We laughed and clapped as we watched the show! It was so amazing!

Then, we were treated with delicious pastries, pizza, cakes, spaghetti and many other food. YUM YUM! It was such a refreshing experience to be sitting on a mat, eating, while enjoying the cool breeze brushing against our faces~~~Woooo~~~

Flowers for the host, Mrs Singh :)
More flowers for Mrs Singh from students
Parvisha giving her flower and introducing herself
Gim How
Bright beautiful decorations!

the teachers~
the teachers again~

The girls invited to join in the 'magic making'

Arnold 'dropping' coins all over his body haha



Beautiful house~

 It's eating time!!

Yummy burgers!

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Staff were enjoying the food as well! Hehee

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And then, we danced to a few Bollywood music songs! All of us joined in the fun and the night ended with a blast!

Lastly, before we left the house, Mdm gave all of us gifts, which included a beautiful scarf and bangle
 Thank you Mdm!

It was such a fulfilling day full of new refreshing experiences.

OH NO! Tomorrow will be the day when we go back to Singapore already! How is it that time passed so fast!